22 Feb 2022
No-code AI News | 1 min read

Now you can try Intelecy without a subscription!

This week we launched a demonstration application that gives the possi...

03 Feb 2022
Press News | 2 min read

Intelecy in the final of Norway's smartest industrial company

Intelecy in the final selection for "Spesialprisen" in the award of No...

01 Feb 2022
No-code AI | 2 min read

Bringing AI into every factory

Are you interested in learning how AI can provide tangible business va...

06 Dec 2021
Press No-code AI | 2 min read

Announcement of new Chairman of the Board

We are happy to announce that Jon Øyvind Eriksen has been appointed ne...

05 Oct 2021
Events No-code AI | 1 min read

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Conference 2021

During the last years we have seen the hype around Artificial Intellig...

06 Jul 2021

Sustainable food production through inline sensors and AI analytics

Optimal use of raw materials. Food processing  is an extremely complex...

26 May 2021
Blog | 1 min read

First place in Kaggle competition

The prestigious Kaggle competition to advance the state of the art in ...

02 Dec 2020
| 1 min read

Trusted solution of green and sustainable production

Using machine learning to cut industry emissions Intelecy machine lear...

05 Nov 2020
| 1 min read

SINTEF Norlab offers Intelecy to its customers

SINTEF Norlab is Norway's largest Norwegian-owned laboratory company. ...