Why join our pilot program?

Our product is designed for all types of manufacturing industry. 

If you wish to maximize your production, we are currently looking for additional pilot customers.

Why join pilot? 

  • You will be able to test-drive our solution before making a firm investment
  • You will receive our guidance regarding optimisation of your production 
  • You will learn more about benefits of machine learning in your business
  • You will have impact on the product development 

We can help you:

  • improve your production quality
  • reduce downtime
  • reduce maintenance cost
  • increase efficiency
  • save time and money

This is a unique opportunity to impact your production, learn from our industry experts and increase AI/ML knowledge in your business.

Ready for digitalization?

We are accepting early adopters

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Your company?

Make your big data work for you

Our software will pre-process your industrial data from multiple sources and identify patterns and correlations. 


Turn insight into actions

We will provide you a deep and straightforward insight into your production data - so your operators, engineers and production managers can make better decisions. 

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Start saving time and money

With our comprehensible data dashboard you can predict potential machine failures, improve production processes and easily optimize your production - in just a few clicks.