26 May 2021
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First place in Kaggle competition

The prestigious Kaggle competition to advance the state of the art in ...

01 Oct 2020
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Halite by Two Sigma. Kaggles multi-agent programming challenge


26 Mar 2020
Press Blog | 18 min read

COVID-19 Probabilistic inference with logistic growth

Updated: Sep 30, 2020 Authors: Are Haartveit, Harald Husum and Tom Van...

26 Mar 2020
Press Blog | 5 min read

COVID-19 projections

DISCLAIMER: The modeling effort described in this article aimed to pre...

13 Feb 2020
Blog | 2 min read

Tom Van de Wiele leaves Google DeepMind, to work at Intelecy

Read the full interview here (in Norwegian) published in Shifter.

20 Dec 2019
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Will give the users superpowers

Andreas Nordahl has a burning desire to solve important societal chall...

02 Jul 2018
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2018 tech events you shouldn´t miss

This year we will be attending several industry conferences as speaker...

07 Jun 2018
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Cheat sheet "AI in manufacturing"


19 Feb 2018
Blog | 4 min read

Artificial intelligence vs machine learning: can you tell the difference?